How to Write Engaging, Action-Taking Blog Posts


Betsy Ringer

You have powerful experience and expertise that will help others. You. Yes YOU! Now share it!
While you don’t have to be a professional writer, you DO have to know how to share your information in a way your readers will want to take action on.
Be professional, but be relational and engaging. Don’t whimper away. Climb into the driver’s seat. Let’s go!

Here are a few tips for writing a blog that will make a difference.

1.  Create a blog title FIRST – make the issue relatable and interesting!

Your title keeps your blog post to your one big point. It is your roadmap and helps your readers identify where you are going. AND…most likely they will want to come along! Stick to your clear direction – no detours!

2.  Write an introduction – entice and engage them.

You are helping your readers solve a simple problem; get from point A to point B. You’re not taking them on an epic trip. Identify with them. You’ve experienced this problem or challenge so what are they feeling, thinking and how will their life be better after they read your blog?

What are they worried about? Struggling with? Wasting time on? Then give them a glimpse into the fact that you’ve found an answer – but don’t reveal it yet!

Open with a short sentence or question –like I opened this post and each point. This is a copywriting technique proven to pull readers in. Long-winded, hard to read paragraphs turn us away.

Self-edit – write efficiently and your words will have power. Crisp sentences and short paragraphs give your writing rhythm.

3. Give them an answer - easy to apply and impossible to ignore!

We are in information overload. Help them apply easily!

·        Readers scan! So use subheads, numbers and bullets.

·        Again, know the one big point you want them to get. Refrain from telling them everything you know – they’ll get lost.

·        Give them something fresh, unique, eye-opening.What do you know that others don’t? What new perspective can you give?

·        Share a SHORT personal story to illustrate your point.

·        Think STRONG: if you are giving 5 Tips or 3 Steps, make the first one an eye-opener but save the BEST one for last. Sure, a minor detail but makes your answer just more exciting!

4.  Close by motivating them to take action – let’s do it!

What specific action can they take? How will their life be better if they implement your suggestions? Give them a pep talk: “You can do it!” “Take one step today!” You are empowering them! This particular struggle is over. This new idea will bring joy!

5.  Time to polish – so it sparkles and shines!

Take a break and come back to it in a few hours. Read through your draft with the eyes of your reader. Does it flow? Is it enticing and engaging? Relational? Is the answer clear and applicable? Have you motivated them?

Here’s a checklist you can use when you edit:

·        Read it out loud – it’s easier to catch what needs correction.

·        Be sure it’s written simply and efficiently. Get rid of unnecessary words, sentences and even paragraphs.

·        Are you conveying energy and enthusiasm? Can they relate to you? Have you tuned into the emotion they are feeling?

·        Look for statements you’ve repeated and the ones that might offend. Is there a word that might be more powerful?

·        Short sentences. Short paragraphs. Easy to read.

·        Make sure each sentence has something to do with the one big point you want them to get.

·        Use descriptive words – what can they see, feel,hear, smell.

·        Remember that readers scan – use subheads,bullets and numbers.

·        Be alert to spelling and grammar. When in doubt– ask!

·        Have you finished strong? Are they motivated to action? Did you really help them resolve the problem or learn something that will make their lives better?

·        Invite them to leave a comment.

One more thing:

Your biography is important “real estate.” Make it short, relatable and entice them to get to know you better. How are you interesting? How are you credible without listing everything you’ve done or all your rewards –yawn. What makes you a little unique and approachable? What next step can they take with you? Visit your website? Sign up for a class your offer? Check into a product or service you offer?

Remember, you have powerful experience and expertise that can help others. Your blog is one way to help them take action.

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Betsy Ringer

With over 30 years experience in Speaking, I mentor others to add speaking to their skill set which establishes them as the expert in their area, builds relationships and gets their message out effectively.

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