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Courtney Patterson

Learn how to put your money to work for you to build a prosperous future!

What a wonderful discussion we had at our February event around the topic of “Being the Boss of Your Money” and the attitudes and behaviors we have around money.  

We began by looking at the way money is described in the Bible and a common misconception that we need to live in poverty or simply "less than" in order to be great Christians.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Poverty does not make you holy. It is actually a really good thing for you to have money as long as money doesn't have you. There is a difference.

Money is amoral, just like a brick. A brick can be used to throw out a window and hurt someone, or it can used to build a house. Likewise, money can be used for extraordinary good or extraordinary evil. It's all about our hearts.

We are created in God’s image, so we should work hard with the talents we have been blessed with and enjoy the fruit of our labor. In the marketplace, money is given in return for value. The more value we provide, the more money should be exchanged. When we receive money for our talents, we can enjoy it and bless others.  And isn’t that our ultimate goal?  

God created money and he wants us to steward it well. We are instructed to manage it, based on His principles. So we focused on the practical steps taught by Dave Ramsey to get your house in order and ultimately to build wealth and give most of it away.    

The first tool to begin these Baby Steps is to track your spending and tell your money where to go using the Monthly Cash Flow Plan, which is available for free on the Dave Ramsey Website.

The Baby Steps:
1) Create an emergency fund of $1,000

2) Pay off debts using the debt snowball tool (See the video here)

4) Invest 15% in a retirement plan

5) Start saving for children’s college

6) Pay off your home

7) Build wealth – and GIVE most of it away!

Take the steps, one at a time, to get your financial house in order so you can prosper with purpose. You can do it!

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Courtney Patterson

Business Development Specialist, Fairway Independent Mortgage

I love serving families and giving back to my communities and this role allows me to do both! Our team is focused on educating consumers about the financial impact of homeownership and mortgage strategy so that they are able to make the best decisions for their families.

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