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About Me

I own a bookkeeping and accounting business and am passionate to relieve small service-oriented business owners of the pressure and burden of keeping their own books on top of all their other responsibilities. By delegating the details of their books to me, they gain peace of mind with access to reliable and up to date financials and freedom to focus on working on their business and passion. I love helping business owners grow to new levels with their business!

How I Work

As a certified QBO Pro Advisor, I build my business around this cloud-based technology, which allows me to connect with my clients wherever they are. Regular meetings with my clients and screen share whenever necessary is part of my practice. I provide small service-oriented business owners with reliable, up-to-date bookkeeping and reports, which of course includes monthly reconciliation of all their accounts as well as prompt professional responses to their questions. Several clients reported how in previous experiences this has not necessarily been the case, hence may be noteworthy mentioning. My clients span the spectrum of the medical and wellness industry as well as coaches and consultants.

Have a Solid Accounting System and Clean Historic Data

I have built solid accounting from the start for most of my clients, whether they were start-ups or had been in business for years and just didn't have anything in place. I have cleaned up historic data successfully for each of them; some of them larger companies with multiple locations and further historic (couple years back) than others. If payroll is needed, I can set that up for clients as well with Intuit or any other service of their choice, but do not run payroll myself. However, I do offer annual payroll processing for one-owner S-Corps.

Create a Healthy, Successful Business Story

As numbers write stories, I believe that business owners need accessibility to reliable numbers concerning their business in order to be poised for good decision making and success. I take pride in being an integral part and having a hand in 'writing their story'.

What I like about PCWC

I appreciate the opportunity of Christian business women connecting in a casual setting, various relevant topics being presented briefly followed by application discussions in small groups. I appreciate PCWC as a platform to bringing faith and business together, as each of us are desiring to integrate our faith with our business world.

Something Fun

We got two hound puppies at Christmas 2018 and yes, life is a little crazy right now but oh so fun, too.