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About Me

Being a realtor is more than just buying and selling homes. It is about building lasting meaningful relationships and then helping those I care about achieve their goals and dreams.

I Have the Experience You Need

• Since 2002, I’ve been helping families throughout San Diego County make their real estate goals and dreams come true.

 • I’m consistently recognized as one of the top 5% of realtors nationally.


I’ve Built the Relationships That Matter

• I have a great reputation with other agents. Because they love to work with me, my offers always get considered first when multiple offers are submitted.

• I’ve built a Class A support team that attends to every single detail and ensures nothing slips through the cracks—before, during and after your transaction closes.


​I Make Buying and Selling Fast

• I’ve created superior systems to simplify every step of the transaction process.

• I price properties right the first time so you don’t get caught up in mind-numbing negotiations.

What I like about PCWC

I've been a part of this organization since 2012. It is the group of like-minded women that keeps me coming back. We truly are women that meet at the intersection of faith and business.

Something Fun

I love to travel and have been on nearly every continent except Australia and Antarctic.