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About Me

We value family. Clare and Tony have been married for nine years and are raising one son, Rafael, who is a delight!  Tony pursues excellence and efficiency in all things: Iron Man races, reef tank aquariums,and running his Alaskan Klee Kais.  Clare enjoys the journey: walking beneath tall trees, gardening, photography, soccer, cold brew coffee, spicy foods, and wine with friends.  Rafa is a joy: he enjoys nearly everything, especially soccer and mathematics!      

We are committed to community. Clare loves connecting people and bringing them together for a cause.  Over the years we have been involved with many nonprofits including: YMCA, YWCA, Girls Rising, Outside the Bowl, Opportunity International, The AjA Project, Habitat For Humanity, and others.  We attend Normal Heights UMC in our neighborhood.

We are blessed. We are honored to work for such an outstanding organization, and we are truly blessed to have such caring and thoughtful clients.  As Clare’s father nears 30 years of service with Thrivent, we have seen first-hand how making wise decisions with money impacts individuals and communities.  We aspire to continue that legacy into our own retirement.

What I like about PCWC

Community of women of faith.

Something Fun

I threw javelin competitively in high school--was ranked 8th in the state of Washington ;)